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Preparation of Comprehensive Watershed Development Project - Department of Watershed Development, Government of Karnataka - March – June 2001

A Proposal for Comprehensive Watershed Development Project was prepared for the Govt. of Karnataka for the purpose of restoring /improving the productive capacity of the dry lands and to impart stability to the rural economy through adoption of dryland technology. The proposed Comprehensive Watershed Development Project (CWDP) was posed for World Bank assistance. The project aimed not only at resource conservation to arrest further land degradation but also at optimum land use based on its production potential to augment and sustain its productivity. The holistic approach aimed at re-generating and conserving natural resources like land, soil, water and local bio-diversity. The focus of the project was on Poverty Alleviation through integrated development of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Sericulture, Fisheries and Livestock Management. The project area was spread over 5 districts (Tumkur, Kolar, Chitradurga, Dharwar and Haveri) of the State identified as Dark and Grey areas depending on the ground water exploitation status. Under this study, a three part Monitoring and Evaluation system was developed i.e.,

  • Input and output monitoring;
  • Monitoring processes by which the participatory and other development outcomes were achieved.
  • Impact evaluation