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Evaluation of Watershed Work in Shifting Cultivation Areas in Nagaland - Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, GoI – September 2000 – Jan 2001

AFC conducted the evaluation study of Korong watershed in Mokochang dist and Lozu watershed in Phek dist in Nagaland. The main objective was to assess the extent of land affected by prevailing shifting cultivation and subsequent reduction in Jhum areas vis-à-vis Jhumia families at the post implementation stage. Along with this other technical and socio-economic aspects were also covered. Evaluation was done by ground verification of all measures implemented and also by random sampling for collecting the related information. The concerned experts had extensive interactions with a cross section of beneficiaries, concerned officials, and others to assess the actual impact of the scheme and the benefits that accrued. Remarkable achievement has been recorded due to conversion of jhum land to terrace land cultivation in the watersheds.