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Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for Integrated Tropical Tasar Development Project – Central Silk Board, Bangalore - December 1999

Tasar culture is one of the promising means of livelihood, especially for rural poor and tribals who live in the remote areas of the country. The project focussed on two sets of vertically integrated activities namely –

  • Initiating and developing existing tasar food plants on private and public lands and promote tasar rearing on the existing forest and other plantations by providing inputs with a view to securing incremental leaf yield from the unit area,
  • Creation of necessary infrastructure for seed production, technical services, training, upgradation of post cocoon facilities in silk yarn as also fabrics to be able to penetrate into larger markets

Provision of financial support to SHGs formed by the NGOs was the core objective of the project since tasar culture is dominated by women. Hence, formation of Women Self Help Groups assumed importance in the project. Based on AFC‘s report, CSB assisted various State Governments in forming about 740 groups for undertaking various activities proposed under the project.