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Reconstruction of Infrastructure and Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Areas in Karnataka during 2005 – Department of Revenue, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore - March 2006

Various districts of Karnataka suffered severe floods during 2005. AFC assisted Government of Karnataka in preparation of a Project that would suggest measures for minimising the devastating impact of severe floods and early restoration of economic and social activity in the affected areas with special emphasis on the poor. The project focussed on priority areas that were identified through consultation with Zilla Panchayats and other Line Departments such as, PWD, Minor Irrigation, Water Supply, Electricity, etc.

The Project Components included:

  • Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges;
  • Rehabilitation of Irrigation Works;
  • Repairs to Buildings;
  • Restoration of Electrical Works; and
  • Restoration of Water Supply and Sanitation. The total cost of the project was estimated at Rs.1448.2 crores.

Based on AFC’s report, the Government of Karnataka received special assistance from Government of India for mitigating the impact of floods.