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Livelihood Development & Poverty Alleviation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of IFAD Assisted Jharkhand Tribal Development Programme and Chattisgarh Tribal Development Programme – Government of Jharkhand and Government of Chhatisgarh.

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a multilateral funding agency of the United Nations based in Rome whose mission is eradication of rural poverty in developing countries. The emphasis of the IFAD supported programmes is on livelihoods, grass root level empowerment, micro finance and women empowerment. AFC has been selected as the M&E agency for these two projects since 2005 and will provide its services till the end of the project.

The task involves development of Computerised Project Management & Management Information System, base line surveys, mid-term evaluation and half yearly efficiency studies. Participatory evaluation, process monitoring, documentation of lessons and capacity building of project implementation organization are important features of this assignment. The M&E system for these two projects have been designed on the basis of Results and Impact Management System (RIMS) prescribed by IFAD, with the first level results (outputs) being monitored through progress tracking systems, the second level results (outcomes) tracked through concurrent M&E with an inbuilt element of Participatory M&E and the third level results (impacts) tracked through mid and end term evaluations. Major focus is on effectiveness (evidence to show that activities resulted into what the project wanted to achieve in the given time and budget) and sustainability (evidence to show that project impacts will continue even after project exit). The objective is to bring in accountability, transparency, change management and impact optimization and sustainability.