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Evaluation Study of Central Sector Schemes on Integrated Development of Coconut Industry in India – Coconut Development Board, Kochi, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India - March 2002

Coconut Development Board (CDB) has been assisting various State Governments and Union Territories in promotion and development of coconut sector by making available financial and technical resources since 1981. AFC carried out an evaluation of CDB’s programmes for assessment in terms of their content, utility, efficacy and impact on the production and productivity so that suitable modifications could be effected in its future programmes. Specific recommendations in respect of each of the eight major projects were made by AFC.

The projects implemented by CDB have met with varied degree of success. AFC’s study has brought out extent of success, impact, gaps/lacunae of the programmes implemented. Based on the recommendations of AFC, CDB has made suitable changes and evolved new programmes for development of coconut industry in the country.