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Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environment Management Plan and Rehabilitation & Resettlement(R&R)

Formulation of Detailed Project Report for Development of Reservoir (Big Water Bodies) Fisheries in Jharkhand - Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Government of Jharkhand - 2008

AFC has prepared a Detailed Project for the development of fisheries in selected Reservoirs (Big Water Bodies) in Jharkhand for funding by National Fisheries Development Board and other financial institutions.

The study involved:

  • Review of reservoir fisheries and other fisheries programmes /policies relating to fisheries development.
  • Assessment of reservoir infrastructure facilities like fish seed/fingerlings rearing facilities including provision of penculture.
  • Landing centre development.
  • Assessment of social development issues.
  • Assessment of fish harvesting infrastructure.
  • Assessment of marketing infrastructure.
  • Review of fish leasing policies and suggest appropriate leasing policies.
  • Suggestions for appropriate extension and training facilities for development of reservoirs and linkages with the existing institutions.
  • Identification of priority areas of investment.
  • Strategies for attaining environmental and ecological sustainability.

The Giant Freshwater Prawn Hatchery Management , Puri, Orissa State - Biotech Consortium India Ltd – 1994

Biotech Consortium India Ltd expressed intention to set up a Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) Hatchery on a commercial scale. The project required funding from financial institutions for the facilities of breeding and larval rearing of about 30 million post larvae. Major components comprised of: a set of brooder stock ponds, a hatchery shed, indoor cement tank unit, sea water, brackishwater and freshwater supply systems, machinery and equipments.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Assessed the proposed Shrimp Hatchery Technology and facilities required for the hatchery management on a commercial scale.
  • Evaluated the current status of freshwater prawn hatchery research, extension and development in the country.
  • Estimated investment for hatchery establishment and credit requirement.
  • Evaluated the financial benefits; worked out economics of the project, debt-service and assessed benefits in terms of IRR, BC Ratio etc.

Commercialisation of Aquaculture Technologies Developed at the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture - Biotech Consortium India Ltd – 1993

The assignment involved preparation of three separate reports for commercialisation of the technologies namely: (I) Use of Azolla in aquaculture; (ii) Hatchery Management of Indian River Prawn Macrobrachium malcomsonii; and (iii) Intensive carp culture technologies. While the first two reports were pilot level projects, the third one comprised of detailed technology package for intensive carp culture. The technology package included financial benefit analysis and technology access aspects.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Reviewed the current status of aquaculture research and extension in the country and evaluated the proposed technologies in terms of techno-economic aspects.
  • Estimated the input and credit requirements.
  • Carried out financial analysis of the proposed technologies and suggested sources of funding and other project processing requirements.

Integrated District Development Plan for Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium, Pune District, Maharashtra - Biotech Consortium India Ltd – 1993

AFC prepared a District Development Plan for the proposed Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium to be set up by Govt. of India aimed at doubling the growth rates of agricultural and agro-industrial production, incomes and job creation in the district. The plan included specific and detailed bankable projects of commercial agriculture including aquaculture for private sector participation in the district. Suitable organisations for implementation of specific proposals, sources of funds, benefits in terms of overall agricultural production, incomes and job creation were also included.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Review of aquaculture sector and identification of constraints to development in the district.
  • An integrated unit consisting of intensive fish farming of hybrid red Talapia and catfish, fish hatchery, fish feed plant, fish marketing unit was proposed for operation on commercial scale.
  • Estimated investment and operating cost of the project, suggested sources of funding and project implementation.
  • Estimated the increase in fish production and employment along with financial benefits in terms of internal rates of return, benefit cost ratios etc.

Integrated Inland Fisheries Development in North Eastern States - North Eastern Council, GOI – 1990

AFC conducted a detailed feasibility study for integrated development of inland fisheries in seven North Eastern States of India. Based on the fishery resources potential in NE region, the report envisaged development programmes over a period of ten years.

Various components of the project comprised of:

  • Inland fish farming in ponds and tanks, low lying areas of derelict water bodies, marginal areas of oxbow lakes;
  • Aquaculture integrated with livestock (duck and pig), paddy-cum-fish culture;
  • Fisheries development of reservoirs, rivers, lakes, oxbow lakes;
  • Fish seed development through hatcheries;
  • Development of marketing infrastructure.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Assessed inland fisheries resources potential;
  • Reviewed status of fisheries development, on going programmes and assessed scope for inland fisheries development including fish farming.
  • Drew up a development programme for aquaculture development, fishing development and fish seed development.
  • Drew up a development programme for aquaculture development, fishing development and fish seed development.
  • Suggested inland fish farming programmes like composite fish culture (polyculture of carps), rice-fish farming, fish cum livestock farming etc.
  • Estimated costs of various components of the project. Assessed the benefits and carried out economic and financial analysis of the project including internal rates of return, benefit cost ratios of the project in all seven States of North Eastern Region.

Assam Pond Fisheries Project - Department of Planning, Government of Assam, Guwahati - 1989

A detailed project report was prepared for development of fresh water aquaculture in backyard ponds for funding by International Financing Institutions. The project aimed at providing financial assistance to private small scale pisciculturists belonging to the lower economic strata of the society for pond improvements and construction of new ponds and to practise improved piscicultural activities following all package of practices. The project also detailed the necessary infrastructure support facilities like seed production, supply of inputs, extension, marketing etc.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Survey and case studies of about 200 private pisciculturists;
  • Study of existing aquaculture practices and status;
  • Assessment of fish pond improvement needs and estimation of costs;
  • Assessment of required number of hatcheries and estimation of costs thereof; suggestions for adoption of improved fish farming, practices;
  • Assessment of credit requirements for pond improvements and hatchery components as also for adoption of proven fish culture technology and evaluation of project worthiness through financial and economic analysis and benefit-cost analysis.

Andhra Pradesh Shore Areas Development Project - Planning Department (Shore Areas Development Authority), Government of Andhra Pradesh - 1988

This was a feasibility study designed to conserve and develop shore areas through:

  • Development of shelter belt along the coast,
  • Development of brackish water aquaculture
  • Development of marine small-scale inshore and offshore fisheries.

The project consisted of proposals for inshore fishing and distant water fishing. It also included supporting infrastructure development like setting up of shrimp hatcheries, shrimp feed production plants, provision of fish processing facilities like freezing plants, canning plants etc., and provision of boat building yards, fishing jetties and other ancillary facilities.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Reviewed marine fisheries resources along the coast and assessed development needs for community and small scale fisheries development through replacement of traditional crafts with improved fibre glass reinforced (FRP) beach landing crafts, small mechanised trawlers etc.
  • Suggested programmes for development of infrastructures and supporting facilities like sun drying and curing platforms, boat/net repair and workshop facilities, diesel outlets, market yards etc., benefiting small scale fishermen and fishermen community as a whole.
  • Assessed brackish water resources suitable for development, estimated of prawn seed and feed requirements and drawn up suitable programmes.

Kerala Brackishwater Development Project - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) - 1987

This project formed a part of the Report of the Identification Mission mounted by IFAD. It focussed on utilisation of suitable brackish water areas for increasing production of prawn and fish from aquaculture to provide gainful employment to unemployed and under-employed small scale inland fishermen. The project dealt with support facilities like establishment of hatcheries and feed production plants, facilities for research, training and extension and organisation of units for processing and marketing.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Assessment of brackish water resources suitable for aquaculture development, need for setting up of hatcheries and feed production plants;
  • Estimation and updating project costs of various components;
  • Estimation and updating project costs of various components;
  • Review and suggestions for prawn farming technology and hatchery technology.
  • Assessment of project benefits and various project processing requirements;
  • Evaluation of the current status of aquaculture research and extension in the area and suggestions for improvements with cost estimates.

Socio-Economic cum Anthropological Study of Fishermen, Balasore District, Orissa - Norwegian Agency for International Development (NORAD) - 1985

The assignment was a socio-economic cum anthropological study of fishing communities of twelve coastal fishing villages around Choumukh in Orissa State (India).

The study involved:

  • Details of demographic characteristics; anthropological studies;
  • Fishing practices, group fishing, leadership and migration and other occupational pattern among fishermen, fish landing; sharing of catch;
  • Fish marketing practices;
  • Fishing crafts and gears used;

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Field survey for collection of demographic and other socio-economic details through locally recruited and trained investigators;
  • Review of fishing methods; study of fishing crafts and gears used; assessment of fish landings; study of sharing of fish catch, group fishing and marketing systems;
  • Reviewed proposed Norwegian aided fisheries project and based on results of the studies conducted recommended improvements in project components.

Socio Economic Study of Estuarine Fishermen - Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) – 1985

AFC carried out a socio-economic study of fishing communities in twenty two estuarine fishing villages in Andhra Pradesh with demographic details and study of fishing practices, fishing seasons, fish landings, eating habits, extent of indebtedness and other sociological aspects among fishermen etc.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Survey for collection of socio-economic details through locally trained investigators
  • Review of prevailing fishing practices, fishing seasons;
  • Collection of data on fishing crafts and fishing gears;
  • Assessment of species and season wise fish landings in the project area and mode of disposal/marketing of fish, study of extent of indebtedness among fishermen.

Integrated Fisheries Project - Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation – 1984

This was a detailed marine fisheries development project comprising development of fore- shore, distant water fishing (off shore) and deep sea fishing. The project provided a fleet of trawlers for deep sea fishing. Other features of the project included establishment of ice factory, transport facilities and cold storage for freezing/processing of prawns and fish for export market.

AFC rendered the following services:

  • Review of marine fisheries resources along the coast and the status of development;
  • Assessment of scope for development and introduction of mechanised medium sized fishing vessels and deep sea trawlers along the Gujarat cost and other parts of Indian coast, depending on the abundance of fishery resources for deep sea trawling;
  • Estimation of fish catch and suggesting fish processing factory with freezing and transport facilities and Assessment of financial viability of the project.