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CEIA, EMP and R & R of Umngot HE Project - Meghalaya State Electricity Board, Meghalaya – 2008

Basin : Umngot

  • The Umngot River draws an area of approximately 304 at the site, where the dam is proposed to be located.
  • Gross and live storages of the Umngot storage reservoir are 71.32 M cum and 48.91 M cum with FRL at EL 1040 m and MDDL at FL 1010 m respectively by the construction of 106 m high diversion dam.
  • Water will be diverted on the right bank through a 5600 m long Head Race tunnel up to the surge shaft. An underground high pressure shaft would then connect it to an underground power house at EL 230.5 m located deep inside the mountain formation at a place near the village of Syntung. The water would be discharged back to the river through a 120 m long Tail Race Tunnel.
  • The installed capacity is proposed to be 270 MW. Power generation would be through three Pelton turbines of 90 MW each.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Ongoing