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Environment/Ecology-Impact Assessment and Management

CEIA, EMP and R & R of Kelo Project - Southern Engineering Work Constructions Ltd, Hyderabad - 2008

Basin : Mahanadi

  • The proposed Kelo Project is a major irrigation project located in Raigarh district of Chhatisgarh across Kelo River which is a tributary of Mahanadi River. The dam is situated 8 km north of Raigarh town near Danote village.
  • The Project would benefit the residents of Raigarh, Pussore and Kharsia blocks of Raigarh district and Dabhra block in Janjigir – Champa district.
  • It will irrigate 26956 ha and make available 4.44 m cum of water each for industrial use and drinking water to Raigarh town and other villages and for development of pisiculture on a commercial scale.
  • There would be submergence of 1319.81 ha including 308.66 ha of forest land (139.53 ha forest land and 169.138 ha revenue forest land). In all 21 settlements are affected due to land acquisition / submergence, out of which in five villages, both houses and land would be submerged.
  • The outlay on EMP amounts to Rs. 87.32 crore. The cost towards Resettlement and Rehabilitation is estimated at Rs. 33.36 crore with an escalation of 15 per cent.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Clearance Accorded