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Catchment Area Treatment Plan of and R & R of Komaram Bheem Project- Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept., Govt. of Andhra Pradesh – 2005

Basin : Godavari

  • The project envisages construction of a Reservoir across Pedavagu with FRL +243 mts comprising of Ogee Spill way of 150 mts. length with earth dam on either flank.
  • 210.23 M.cum of water would be utilised to irrigate 9915 ha (24500 acres) in 27 villages of erstwhile Asifabad Taluk and 15 Villages of erstwhile Sirpur Taluk. Only the left side canal is proposed to irrigate the 9915 ha (24500 acres).
  • The Project results in 8 affected settlements - submergence of 1169 houses in 6 settlements and land acquisition of 2880 ha in 2 settlements. The submerged land consists of 1067.19 ha of patta land for reservoir, 163.88 ha for main canals and distributaries, 167.50 ha forest land and the balance 1481.43 ha of Poramboke lands.
  • The cost of PAFERP amounting to Rs. 4414.27 lakh has to be apportioned in the updated project estimate for the Project.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Not Applicable