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Catchment Area Treatment Plan of and R & R of Peddagadda Reservoir Scheme - Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept., Govt. of Andhra Pradesh – 2005

Basin: Nagavali

  • The study covered 217.56 sq. kms of Catchment Area and about 2429 ha of proposed command area in the areas in Vizianagaram district.
  • The project submerges 364 ha of area including 38 ha of reserve forest area and displaces 37 families besides affecting a total 196 families through land under submersion.
  • Total financial requirements for implementation of the Catchment Area Treatment Plan over a period of three years is Rs. 364.33 lakh which includes price escalation and contingency of Rs. 47.52 lakh.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Not Applicable