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CEIA, EMP and R & R of Thotapally Barrage- Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept., Govt. of Andhra Pradesh - 2005

Basin : Nagavali

  • The project involves construction of a barrage about 500mt. upstream of the existing Thotapally regulator. The proposed barrage replaces the 100-year old regulator which is in distress.
  • No new canal system is proposed in the existing command. New canal system is proposed in the extended command.
  • No forest land is involved. There is no National Park, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger/Elephant reserves within 7 Km. from the periphery of the project area.
  • The scheme will provide irrigation to 74463 hectares of land. 19 villages will be affected due to this project. Provision has been made for supplying 20388 cu.m. water for drinking purposes.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Cleared vide MOE&F Lr. No. J-12011/10 /2002-IA.I DT 29-08-2005