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Ecology-Impact Assessment and Management

CEIA, EMP and R & R of Ken-Betwa Link Project – National Watershed Development Agency, GOI- 2009

Basin: Ken & Betwa basins of Madhya Pradesh

  • To undertake a survey to generate baseline information in all the key indicators that are to be tracked during the project;
  • A dam is proposed on Ken River near Daudhan village in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh to impound water upto + 288 m to divert 1020 Mcum of water to Betwa river basin through a link canal of 220 km.
  • The Ken-Betwa link project envisages irrigation facilities to 2.41 lakh ha as direct irrigation, 0.60 lakh ha under 6 link canals and 1.02 lakh ha for upper Betwa projects as substitution. Thus the total culturable command area proposed under the project would be 4.03 lakh ha.
  • Villages and urban areas enroute link canal would be provided drinking water
  • The construction of two reservoirs would result in submergence of 19994 ha of land and 28 villages due to Makoria dam and Daudhan Dam.
  • A detailed Environmental Management Plan (EMP) including Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) has been formulated for protecting the environment and ecology based on assessment of environment impacts on land, water, flora and fauna, socio economic status.
  • Financial outlay required for implementation of EMP under the project is assessed at Rs. 1720.37 crore.

The AFC Team will carry out baseline survey, mid-term evaluation study and impact evaluation study. AFC will submit quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports in addition to above study reports.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F) : Ongoing