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CEIA, EMP and R & R of Vamsadhara Phase-II of Stage- II (Side Weir Channel) - Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept., Govt. of Andhra Pradesh - 2006

Basin: Vamsadhara

  • In Phase-II of Stage-II of Vamsadhara Project, a side weir would be constructed at Katragada village. A right side canal is proposed as a flood flow cum irrigation canal of 34.00 km length.
  • Water will be stored in a balancing reservoir to be constructed across a valley near Hiramandalam.No other storage head work is proposed on the vamsadhara river.
  • Total contemplated irrigation command under the Stage-II of the project is 43,414 ha. 0.65 cum.mcs of water will be supplied for drinking purpose.
  • 4332.121 Ha land will be required for the project of which 38ha is forest land. 32 temples and 16 churches will be submerged. 22027 persons are likely to be affected.
  • Estimated total cost of the project is Rs.933.90 crore.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F): Cleared vide MOE&F Lr.No. J-12011/3/2006-1A.I Dt: 21-3-2006.