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Catchment Area Treatment Plan of and R & R of Gollavagu Project - Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept., Govt. of Andhra Pradesh - 2006

Basin: Godavari

  • The Scheme envisages formation of a reservoir across Gollavagu, a tributary of Godavari River in G-5 basin duly connecting to sedimentary exposed rock on left side and higher elevations on right flanks by means of an earth dam 2.20 km long including weir.
  • The scheme proposes to irrigate 3845 ha of ID ayacut in kharif . The reservoir impounds 17.39 Mcum at FRL +155.500 mt. The dead storage level is proposed at +148.00 mt. The maximum height of the dam in the gorge portion is 15.90 mt.
  • The reservoir submerges an area of 411 ha out of which 160 ha are wet patta lands, 219 ha forest land and the balance of 32 ha is wasteland and streams. No village is coming under submersion.
  • The total outlay proposed for the implementation of PAFERP for the Gollavagu Medium Irrigation Project amounted to about Rs. 927.92 lakh.

Environmental Clearance (MOE&F) : Not applicable