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Environment/Ecology-Impact Assessment and Management

Monitoring & Evaluation for Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank ManagementProject (World Bank assisted) - Command Area Development Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh- 2007-11

The objectives of the Monitoring and Evaluation in broad terms are, process and progress monitoring of implementation and impact and outcome analysis on a concurrent and terminal basis. The specific objectives are as under:

  • To undertake a survey to generate baseline information in all the key indicators that are to be tracked during the project;
  • Monitoring and reporting of the process and progress of implementation on a concurrent basis;
  • To collect and analyse the data from the field that are required to assess the process and progress of implementation;
  • To undertake impact/outcome assessment and carryout a mid-term and final evaluation of the project;
  • To assess the social and environmental impact of the project and environmental management plans under the project.

The AFC Team will carry out baseline survey, mid-term evaluation study and impact evaluation study. AFC will submit quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports in addition to above study reports.