Business Associates

Business Associates

Welcome to the World of Opportunities - Invitation for Business Association by AFC

AFC India Ltd.. (formerly Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd.), is a multi-disciplinary cross-functional development organization providing consulting, policy advisory and implementation support for agriculture, rural development and other strategic socio-economic sectors in India.

Over the years, AFC has diversified into large scale grassroots level project implementation in areas such as organic farming, agriculture extension, agri-business development, watershed development, forestry, climate change, rural livelihood promotion, education, health & nutrition, training & capacity building, skilling and financial literacy.

AFCis now serving the entire value chain of agriculture and rural development from policy advocacy to project implementation and management, training and capacity building to skill development in rural and semi-urban areas.

With a legacy of over 50 years maintaining its forte in various sub-sectors of agriculture, rural development and socio-economic development, AFC offers specialized cutting-edge and diversified portfolio of services in the following "Niche" Thematic Areas:

  • Agriculture Risk management & Climate Resilience
  • CSR Management & Rural Livelihood
  • Producer Collectives & Inclusive Value Chains
  • Skill & Human Capital Development
  • Technology & Innovation for Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Sustainable Development & Green Growth
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Inclusive Finance

Business Associates - Rationale

Networking, Joint ventures, Hand holding, etc. are successfully being adopted for developing synergy and reducing transaction cost. AFC has been joining hands with suitable organizations since 2006 which has proved to be a win-win model. While our partners would have the benefit of vast experience and expertise of AFC, its status of deemed Government Company and its linkages with various government departments, ministries, etc., the AFC would be benefited by the wide presence, expertise and domain knowledge of the associates.

Nature of Business Associates

  • Individual Conultants, Firms / Companies, LLP, Consultancy Organisations or registered Societies.
  • The Associates having at least three years of working experience in the identified areas. This is relaxable on case to cases depending upon possible synergies.
  • Organisations involved in providing consultancy services, skilling, training and grass root level project implementation in agriculture and related areas.

Potential areas of association

  • Organic Farming
  • Agriculture Extension
  • Agri-Business Development
  • Producer Collectives
  • Watershed Development
  • Forestry
  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change
  • Rural Livelihood
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Education, Health & Nutrition
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Skill Development
  • Financial Literacy

Modalities of Working

We are willing to work in related areas where the proposed associate has the core competence but lacks the platform. Depending upon the opportunities available, proposals would be submitted to the clients either by AFC individually or as Lead Partner or with the business associates as second partner as per requirement of client. On confirmation of the business, the assignment could be executed either jointly by AFC and Associates or exclusively by Associates under the guidance of AFC.

Revenue Sharing

The sharing pattern as well as the roles and responsibilities of Business Associate in each assignment shall be determined at the discretion of AFC keeping in view the nature of the assignment. A Specific MoU shall be executed with the BA on each assignment detailing the scope of work, terms of reference, assignment fees, time lines and other related aspects.

Application for Business Associates

Interested organizations may submit details of the organizational profile in soft copy in the prescribed format which is available as Registration Form to

Please Contact:
Shri B Ganeshan
Managing Director
AFC India Limited
Head Office:91-22-22029517 / 91-22-22028924