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Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy refers to strategies and initiatives that lead to the establishment of new policies, improve existing policies or induce circumspection in respect of those policies that attempts to diminish resources and opportunities especially for vulnerable groups of people. Policy advocacy usually seeks to engage various sectors of the government that includes public servants, bureaucrats, political appointees, elected officials and legislators.

AFC by virtue of its experience in various sectors is in a position to play the policy advocacy role that would enable the Government to firm up or fine-tune its policies.

Policy Advocacy generally consists of the following stages: a) Analysis, b) Strategy, c) Operationalisation, d) Mobilisation, e) Action, f) Evaluation and g) Continuity. However, AFC’s role would be confined to Problem Analysis, Strategy - focussing on specific goals and to position the advocacy effort with clear paths to achieve those goals and Evaluation - measure regularly and objectively what has been accomplished and what more remains to be done. The other stages would be in the realm of policy making bodies.

AFC has been supporting various workshops, round table conferences in this direction. They include: