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Agri-Business Support Services

Technical support institutionIndian agriculture scenario is blessed with long growing-season, diverse soil and climatic conditions comprising several agro-ecological regions that are conducive to grow a variety of horticulture crops, through technological intervention. However, there are huge post-harvest and handling losses. As such, abundant investment opportunities are there in the expanding domestic market and export arena, that country's share in the world trade of processed foods is still less than one percent. Rapid urbanization, increased literacy and rising per capita income, have all caused rapid growth and changes in demand patterns, leading to new opportunities for exploiting the large latent market. An increasing acceptance of new products with market development efforts is seen because of such interventions. Besides very good investment opportunities too exist in many areas of food processing industries, the important ones being: fruit & vegetable processing, meat, fish & poultry processing, grains, packaged, convenience food and drinks, milk products etc. Big business houses that have entered the sector with an eye on global markets have indicated that contract as well as corporate farming may get them timely, consistent and adequate supply of produce of international quality, catering to the global needs.

The ample scope of investment opportunities has given rise to requirement of technical expertise in the sector leading to opportunities for the technical know-how providers and value advisory services.

AFC offers the following services in this domain:

Research Services

  • Research
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
    • Socio Economic
    • Market
  • Market Sizing
  • Demand Estimation & Procurement Planning
  • Technical Support Training
  • International Opportunities
  • Analysis & Suggestive Recommendation

Project Services

  • Development of Business Plan
  • Pre- Feasibility Study & DPR
  • Project Development & Implementation
  • System Formation
  • Implementation Support

Production & Sourcing Services

  • Product Planning & Cropping Patterns
  • Advance Technological & Quality Guidance
  • Advance Growing Practices
  • Plant Protection Practices
  • Contract Farming
  • Corporate Farming
  • Infrastructure Development i.e. Atmosphere Control Mechanism
  • Training Program on Growing & Harvesting Practices

Post Harvest Management

  • Standard Operating Practices on Produce
  • Project & Engineering Services
  • Pack Houses
  • Cold Stores
  • Technical Know-How
  • Awareness of the Standards
  • Packing

Marketing Services

  • Value Chain
  • Cool Chain
  • Marketing Tie-up
  • Supply Chain Linkages
  • Pricing Strategy & Behavior
  • Logistics & Forwarding Services
  • Exports Marketing

Marketing Infrastructure

  • Mandi Development
  • Modern Terminal Markets & Auction Centers
  • Collection Centers
  • Mega Food Parks
  • Market Linked Floriculture Parks
  • Procurement & Distribution Network
  • Perishable Air Cargo Centers

Food Processing

  • IQF
  • Processing Units
  • Services
  1. The Giant Freshwater Prawn Hatchery Management - Biotech Consortium India Ltd
  2. Commercialisation of Aqua-culture Technologies Developed at the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture - Biotech Consortium India Ltd
  3. Integrated District Development Plan for Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium- Biotech Consortium India Ltd
  4. Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for Integrated Tropical Tasar Development Project – Central Silk Board, Bangalore
  5. Rural credit
  6. Sugar Factory Projects