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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring and Evaluation are an integration part of Project Planning and Implementation process. This is something which is insisted upon by all funding agencies and its cost is built into the project formulation. Although M & E is spoken of in a holistic sense, yet they are two distinct sets of activities, related but not identical.

Monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses. Its objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a project or organisation. It is based on targets set and activities planned during the planning phases of work. It helps to keep the work on track, and can let management know when things are going wrong. If done properly, it is an invaluable tool for good management, and it provides a useful base for evaluation.

Evaluation is the comparison of actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans. It looks at what was sought to be achieved, what has actually been accomplished, and how it was accomplished. It can be done during the life of a project or organisation, with the intention of improving the strategy or way of functioning of the project or organisation. It can also be after the completion of a project.

Generally, Monitoring and Evaluation comprises of (i) Progress monitoring, (ii) Process monitoring and (iii) Impact Evaluation.

AFC has carried out several mid-term, end-line and longitudinal M & E Studies which are listed below:

  1. Evaluation Study on Pilot Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)
  2. Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Support to State Extension Programme for Extension Reforms” (ATMA Programme)
  3. Ready Reckenor on Microfinance (UN / UNDP)
  4. World Bank Assisted Monitoring and Evaluation of Maharashtra Water Sector Improvement Project
  5. Impact Evaluation Study under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Mini Mission I & II of Technology Mission on Cotton (2009-10) -All India
  6. All India Physical Verification of REGP Units in Four States financed during 2007-2008,2008-09
  7. Macro Management Mode of Agriculture in West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Tripura
  8. Baseline Survey of Bihar Rural Livelihood Programme
  9. Evaluation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) - Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India
  10. Study on Improving Recovery Performance of Bank in respect of Government Sponsored Schemes - Canara Bank, Bangalore
  11. Monitoring & Evaluation for Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank ManagementProject (World Bank assisted) - Command Area Development Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  12. Evaluation Study of Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) – Chitradurga District, Karnataka - National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), New Delhi
  13. Base-line Survey of Watersheds funded
  14. Technical Audit of National Watershed Development Project in Uttarakhand
  15. Alternative Crop Models for Degraded lands
  16. Mid-term Evaluation of Integrated Watershed Development Project
  17. Review and Monitoring of National Watershed Development Programme
  18. Monitoring and Concurrent Evaluation of Watershed Projects
  19. Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)
  20. Comprehensive Tribal Development Project
  21. Quick Evaluation Study of Watershed Projects
  22. National Watershed Development Programme for Rainfed Area
  23. Comprehensive Watershed Development Project
  24. Evaluation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)
  25. Evaluation Study of Central Sector Schemes of Coconut Development Board
  26. Socio-Economic cum Anthropological Study of Fishermen - Norwegian Agency for International Development (NORAD)
  27. Socio Economic Study of Estuarine Fishermen - Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)