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Environment Impact Assessment

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is an essential pre-requisite of most developmental and industrial activities in India. The purpose of EIA is to ensure that development and environment go hand in hand. EIA was formally introduced in India in 1994. It relied on the institutional framework that has a strong supporting legislative, administrative and procedural set-up. Central and state authorities together share the responsibility of its development and management.

EIA involves identification of the environmental consequences of infrastructural development projects in general, development of strategies for mitigating the adverse environmental consequences. It can also contribute to the development of a Regulatory Framework for Environmental Management. Good EIAs help put development on a sustainable path. It provides improved understanding of the environmental impacts of infrastructure development and options to mitigate these impacts. It also enhances regulatory framework within the existing National Environmental legislations for effective management of environmental aspects of infrastructure development.

Over the past one decade, AFC has undertaken a number of EIAs and prepared EMPs and R&Rs in the irrigation and hydro-power projects sectors.

A snapshot view of some of the recent assignments is given here.